Saturday, November 22, 2008


So I went back to work this week. They gave me a new position, which is much better, and it works out perfectly. A spot opened in the nursery, so I get to be with Luke all day! I feel so much better not having to leave my newborn. John and Kara didn't go to daycare until they were older, so it just wasn't as hard to leave them, but I was so dreading leaving Luke.
I can't say my first week back to work was easy though. Being at home for six weeks I got occustomed to not being on my feet all day. Working in the nursery will definitaly help with weight loss! Then on Thursday my boss fired four people! I don't really know what for, but i don't care too. If I don't know that means I wasn't involved and that is all right with me. I don't need to know all the gossip. So friday was really crazy, because one of the girls who was fired was the teacher in the nursery with me. And she was still in the process of familarizing me with all the babies schedules. So I really just had to wing it on friday, and it really kept me on my toes. I think I did okay, at least I hope I did. All the children went home fed, clean and happy so I guess it was a success. On Monday we will have an additional two teachers missing because their hubby's are coming home for R&R. We'll see how that works out...

Saturday, November 15, 2008


So for those of you who don't know, I had Mrsa (a nasty bacterial infection) and I passed it along to John. thank God he is the only other person in my house who got it from me. Well, I got rid of mine, through alot of really annoying treatments. But poor John hasn't been able to get better. He had been on a topical antibiotic for 7 days, but is still getting new infections. Mrsa comes out as very painful skin infections. Most will go away on their own, others get super infectied. Well, he has one on his leg that got super infected, so Mike took him to the emergency room yesterday. I was so worried they would want to drain it, like they did to mine. It is a very painful process of the doc slicing the infection open, squeezing out all the puss and then packing the wound to make sure it doesn't close. If it closes the infection can still fester in side and become worse. My fears came true and they had to drain the infection. Four people had to hold him down while they did it. And he has to go in everyday for a few days and get the packing changed. Now his leg is all bandaged up and he walks around with this little limp. I feel so bad for him. I know first hand how much it hurts... especially when they repack it. Now he is back at the emergency room with Daddy getting it changed. He doesn't want me to go with him, he just wants Daddy. I think because Daddy is the one who took him yesterday when it all started. Please pray for my little boy. Pray that the new antibiotics with take away the infection soon. And pray that he isn't in to much pain. Thankyou.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

big baby!

Luke had his 2 month check up yesterday. To my suprise he already nearly doubled his birth weight! He wieghs 13 lbs 11oz! But the poor guy is only 22 inches long. For now he's my little shorty.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Update on Stella...

Stella has returned home safe and sound!!! Kara is the happiest little girl in the world right now. Let's just pray the dumb cat isn't pregnant...


For those of you who don't know Stella is our cat, more specifically, Kara's baby. She is an outdoor/indoor cat who always comes home. But three days ago we let her out for the day and we haven't seen her since. This morning we had to break the news to Kara, who hadn't yet realized Stella wasn't around. She broke into to tears, her heart was broken a nd mine broke for her. I even started crying. So please everybody pray that Kara's kitty comes home. She is completely devistated.This is not the first pet we have lost. In August our puppy Tonto ran away and we have yet to see him either. So the loss of Stella is even harder for the kids. But we still have the rabbit Thomas... I think only because he is caged...

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Frozen Waffles

This morning Kara wanted frozen waffles for breakfast, but I was feeling a bit lazy so I told her to make them. First she looked at me like I was crazy... then she said Okay! Usually i don't let the children touch anything in the kitchen, so when I told her to go for it she was thrilled. But then John decided he wanted to help to...
So together they got a chair to take the waffles out of the freezer and proceeded to cooked them. Kara got out the toaster and plugged it in (without electricuting herself). John took the waffles out of the wrapper, dumping all six on the kitchen floor. Kara put them in the toaster and john tried to stick his fingers in the toaster! Then John got impatient and started eating a waffle... still frozen. When the waffles popped up Kara put the butter on and everything. I was totally impressed. Then she decided to make waffles for Mike and I also. Yes, we all ate waffels that had been on the floor. But how could we tell her no thanks, she was beaming with pride.
This afternoon I think I will show her how to make Easy Mac... this may the beginning of something good.

Monday, November 3, 2008

The Only Christian...

So Kara was invited to bring a book to school for her teacher to read. She picked a book called "A Heart for Jesus" by Juanita Bynam. When she presented it to her teacher that day her teacher told her she could not read it to the class because it was about Jesus. That's fine, I get that. If a wicken child brought a wicken book to school I wouldn't want my child to hear it, so I understand that a book teaching a certain religion cannot be read in a public school. But this is what gets me; her teacher then proceeded to tell her that she could not read a book about Jesus because Kara is the only one who believes in Jesus.
What a horrible thing to tell a five year old. And apparantly the statement isn't even true, because later Kara was reaasured by her best friend that she believes in Jesus too.